Experience Beats Youth!!!

The Peel Regional Football Council were part of the Kanyana Weekend event, which was held on the Mandurah Foreshore on Saturday.

Despite the boiling hot weather, many people turned up and had a go at Walking Football.

The highlight of the event was a game between those over 50 and a group of lads who were in their early teenage years. They were more than happy to give us a game and thought they would beat the oldies easily, even at walking football.

Final score of the game…Oldies 6 Youngsters 3

We also spoke to people who are interested in joining our walking football program and we are happy to announce that a new walking football program will start in May, more details to follow.

If you are interested in walking football, please contact Terry on 0413 758 273 or email at prfc2011@hotmail.com.au

(As a footnote, we were next to the AFL stand – and we were the busier of the two!)

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