Rockingham City v Cockburn City, This Saturday

Due to Lark Hill still hosting cricket this Saturday, the game being played between Rockingham City and Cockburn City will now be played at Cockburn’s ground, with a 3pm kick off. This also means the game scheduled between the two clubs later in the year will now be played at Lark Hill

Coach Goran Stajic said “The senior team will have to play a much better game on Saturday than in the previous match. In order to win, we have to be much better than in our previous game, we need to be more focused and aggressive, to be brave, and to be dedicated on the field. These are big games, you live and train for these games. I hope that we will be able to surprise our supporters on Saturday and that we will get our first win for the new campaign. It is a great challenge for our new team and a very difficult match awaits us, we have to give our maximum and more than that”

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