Women’s and Men’s Metropolitan League Fixtures Released

The Metropolitan League Fixtures have been released.

Here are the links for your division.

Women’s South Division 1 (Baldivis Districts) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576583-0&pool=1

Women’s South Division 2 (Mandurah City, Rockingham City, Rockingham United) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576528-0&pool=1

Women’s South Division 3 (Rockingham United, Baldivis Districts) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576563-0&pool=1

Men’s South Division 1 (Rockingham United, Baldivis) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576594-0&pool=1

Men’s South Division 2 (Murray District Rangers, Port Kennedy, Mandurah City) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576515-0&pool=1

Men’s South Division 3 (Peel United, Warnbro Strikers, Baldivis) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-576409-0&pool=1

Men’s South Division 4 (Baldivis) https://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&round=-1&client=1-8273-0-583447-0&pool=1

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