The Saturday Review

Saturday afternoon produced a set of disappointing results for both Rockingham city in their hopes of avoiding relegation and Mandurah City in the hope of promotion.

Rockingham had the best opportunity of getting a result when hosts Balcatta were reduced to 10 men before half time but despite this, Perich scored for the home team on 66 mins and then held out for the 3 points to leave Rocky rooted to the bottom of the table and 4 points of 10th place and safety.

Mandurah City’s push for promotion also took a hit on Saturday afternoon when they were held 1-1 against Quinns FC.

In a game that was effected by the wet and windy weather conditions, the home took the lead on the stroke of half time from Hudson but the second half saw the Dolphins with the vast majority of possession, equalise through a John Baird penalty. The result meant the Dolphins remained in 7th position.

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