Next Summer Podcast – We Need You!

Following on from our very successful podcast on girls in football, an email was sent out to all clubs today with news of the next round table podcast.

Hopefully being recorded on Wednesday 15th December at 6.30pm, we would like to invite a member from all our clubs to celebrate the year gone and share some of the highlights of the season. This doesn’t just have to be about teams winning leagues or cup but can also include any players who have improved beyond recognition or any members or volunteers who may have won awards within and outside of your club or any good news items from the season just gone.

We would also like to include any funny moments that may have happened during the season. Did your president’s false teeth fall out during a speech or how many times did that dog run on the pitch to try and steal the ball? There is a few weeks to think of these types of going’s on.

We would also like to include your hopes for the year ahead as well.

Ideally, we would like 1 member of your club to attend. As said earlier, an email has been sent to all clubs but if you would like to take part, let your club and us know so we can secure your spot. Email us at

We are trying to find a suitable venue for this date, but if your club can host us, then we would be very grateful.

This will be the last podcast for the year, so I hope you can join us for this event and we will see you soon.

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