The Fantasy Football Final Table

Remember, back in August, we invited you to take part in our Fantasy Football league for a bit of fun? Well, if you were like me, you did it for the first few weeks then gave up 🙂 but there were some players who took it more seriously than others and the final table can be revealed.

Many congratulations to Jafet Gochez, who’s team, ItscomingtoArmadale won the league with 2582 points. 2nd place went to Michael Kelly’s team Mojo jojo fc with 2457 points and 3rd place was Craid Thomson’s Messi-ah in Paris with 2226 points.

Meanwhile, those who either gave up very early or are just plain rubbish at picking a team were in 24th place, Jamie Downie’s Once Were Warriors, 25th Michael Materton’s MickyM92 and in 26th and last place, Andy Whitall’s Dibbles Crew who ended up with just 1245 points.

Thank you all for taking part.

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