Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur!

Now there is a title that I thought I would never write, but Tottenham Hotspur were the first winners of the Jack Stevens Memorial Cup after beating Preston North End 3-1 in the final at Lark Hill on Saturday.

The cold wet day didn’t dampen the spirit or the occasion of the events as lots of people played and watched the tournament and more importantly, plenty of money was raised for the three charities involved.

Organiser of the event, Darren Robinson said after the event “I can honestly say I enjoyed every min of playing with that Stranraer team at the The Jack Stevens Memorial Cup Tournament yesterday.” He added “This is now the start of an annual tournament and hope it gets better and bigger next year”

Gary Stevens, Jack’s dad went on to say “little Jack would be looking down on us today and loving what everyone was doing for him. He loved rainbows and I’m sure behind those grey clouds there will be a rainbow somewhere.” As he said this, little rainbow did appear over the roof of the clubhouse.

Finally, Darren went on to thank a few people for their efforts in making the day special. “I Would just like to take this opportunity to thanks those little legends of ball boys and ball girls who were so brave to stand out on the park in that terrible weather to greet the teams out to the park and help getting the balls back for the teams. You were amazing. To Eric and his amazing members of the Rockingham Pipe Band for braving the cold and playing so well, Jim Webb our MC on the day fantastic job mate, Richard Byrne the match organiser, to Sophie and helpers on the canteen who served up amazing food, the bar staff who kept the beers flowing, Karen Banks the president of Rockingham City Football Club who was here, there and everywhere helping with everything, our own helpers and volunteers for doing such an amazing job. To our referees Paul, his son and Alan Carter fantastic Jon and really appreciate your support.

Special thanks to our charities Linda and Don from Team Fred, Sepo and Chris from Street Friends for all the help you guys supplied whilst we put this all together, very much appreciated.

To our main sponsors of the tournament Pipers Inn, Whistling Kite and all out team sponsors thank you so much for getting involved and being so generous.

To all our teams who entered the comp and donated I hope you a had a great day, and experience, and look forward to seeing you next year to go again.

And lastly to Louise and Gary Stevens “ Forever Four “ You guys are amazing…and an inspiration to us all. If only everyone knew what you both have ben going through behind the scenes putting together your beautiful charity “ Forever Four “ and helping me organise this tournament whilst dealing with the loss of little Jack I can only say you both are amazing and I’m proud to be able to call you my friends.”

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