Football West – Your Chance To Have Your Say!

Some of you may have already seen this, but Football West are inviting the football community to take part in a survey to gauge your satisfaction with football in the area.

Football West state:

Following the disruptions of COVID-19, Football West has launched a new study into the demographics of participants and their satisfaction with football in Western Australia to help shape the future of the game.

The Insights Project will allow Football West to collect a comprehensive data set about football fans, players, parents, club volunteers, referees and coaches.

As the sport’s governing body in WA, Football West will use the data collected to compare to the first study of this kind from 2017 and continue to review the football community and its consumption of programs and competitions.

Football West Chief Executive Officer Jamie Harnwell, who was appointed in April 2022, said the new Insights Project was crucial in assisting Football West to provide appropriate football products and services to all West Australians.

“After the challenges thrown up by COVID-19, this is a critical time for football in Western Australia with more people involved in the game than ever before,” Mr Harnwell said.  

“With the hosting of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and opening of the State Football Centre, there are some incredible opportunities that we as an organisation must be able to leverage and build upon.

“The feedback we will collect through the Insights Project will allow us to make important, informed decisions for the betterment of the game now and into the future.”

Football is the most-played team sport in Australia and has grown significantly in WA since the game’s various groups were united under the Football West banner in 2004.

Participation has rebounded strongly after a slight dip due to COVID-19, with more participants than ever before. In 2022, Football West directly engaged with over 45,000 registered players and an estimated state-wide participation in excess of 230,000.

You don’t have to be registered with Football West to complete the Overall Satisfaction Survey. This is open to everyone who participates in football in WA. 

This survey will form a baseline for more targeted surveying that will be conducted soon as part of Football West’s strategic approach to improving the game.

Please take the time to complete the survey and let’s hope that any recommendations are taken on board and changed for next season and seasons beyond that.

To complete the survey, please click here Football West Survey

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