Rocky Leave It Late, Dolphins Dim The Lights

Rockingham City opened up their State League Night Series campaign with a 2-1 win over Swan United on Sunday. In a game where most people thought Rockingham would easily beat there opponents, they left it late to get the three points as Swan took an early lead through Rhys Loxley. It took Rockingham until the 87th minute to get the equaliser through Jayden Leader and when everyone thought it was going to end up as a draw, Joseph Moss scored the winner in the 89th minute to give Rockingham all three points.

Mandurah City had a much easier time of it on their game against Curtin University, storming into a 4 nil lead at half time with Hamish Van Dieken and John Baird scoring twice. Supporters were left short changed as the lights failed with around 20 minutes to go and the referee called the game to an early finish with the 4-0 result standing.

Round 2 of the night series continues this weekend, Rockingham City take on Ashfield Sports on Friday 10th at 6.30pm while Mandurah City take on Forrestfield United on Sunday 12th at 5pm. Both games are being played at the home of Forrestfield United.

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