The Weekend Fixtures

It does seem strange that after 1 week, the league continues action and the cup rounds kick in, but here are the fixtures for this weekend.

The first game is a Friday night fixture between Perth AFC and Port Kennedy in the Women’s League..

The obvious highlight of the weekend is the state league derby between Rockingham City and Mandurah City. The home side will be hoping to capitalise on last weeks away win while the visitors will be looking for their first away league win of the season. Remember, these teams did meet in the night series, with Mandurah coming out winners on that day. We will be at this game, so do pop by and say hello!

(These fixtures are correct at 4.00pm Thursday 4th May)

Friday 5th May

Perth AFCvPort KennedyWomen’s League Division 17.00pm

Saturday 6th May

State League

Rockingham CityvMandurah CityState League Under 18’s1.00pm
Rockingham CityvMandurah CityState League Reserves3.00pm
Rockingham CityvMandurah CityState League5.00pm

Junior Boys Cup

Baldivis South Division 1vPerth NPLUnder 13’s8.30am
Port Kennedy South Division 2vInglewood NPLUnder 15’s9.00am
Rockingham City South Division 2vJoondalup City NPLUnder 15’s9.00am
Westnam United North Division 3vBaldivis South Division 2Under 15’s9.00am
Mandurah City South Division 3vMUM FC NPLUnder 14’s9.45am
Wembley Downs Division 2vMandurah City Division 5Under 16’s10.30am
Rockingham City South Division 1vBelmont South Division 2Under 14’s11.45am

Sunday 7th May

Women’s State League

Mandurah CityvUWA NedlandsWomen’s League Division 11.00pm

Women’s Metro League

Rockingham UnitedvPerth SaintsGrading South1.00pm
Mandurah CityvFremantle CityGrading South1.00pm
Port Kennedy (Blue)vPort Kennedy (Yellow)Grading South1.00pm
Kelmscott RoosvBaldivis DistrictsGrading South1.00pm
BrozzyvRockingham UnitedGrading South1.00pm

Junior NPL

Rockingham CityvEllenbrook UnitedUnder 13’s9.00am
Rockingham CityvEllenbrook UnitedUnder 16’s9.15am
Mandurah CityvJoondalup UnitedUnder 15’s9.30am
Mandurah CityvJoondalup UnitedUnder 13’s9.30am
Rockingham CityvEllenbrook UnitedUnder 14’s10.15am
Mandurah CityvJoondalup UnitedUnder 14’s11.00am
Mandurah CityvJoondalup UnitedUnder 16’s11.00am

Junior Girls

Aubin Grove UnitedvMandurah CityUnder 13’s Division 18.30am
Kalamunda UnitedvWarnbro StrikersUnder 13’s Division 28.30am
Kalamunda UnitedvBaldivisUnder 14’s Division 29.45am
Fremantle CityvRockingham CityUnder 14’s Division 19.45am
Mandurah CityvKingsley WestsideUnder 16’s Division 210.00am
Perth SaintsvRockingham CityUnder 16’s Division 210.30am

Junior Boys

Kalamunda UnitedvRockingham UnitedUnder 13’s South Division 48.30am
BelmontvBaldivisUnder 14’s South Division 28.30am
Lynwood UnitedvBaldivisUnder 13’s South Division 18.30am
Warnbro StrikersvBelmontUnder 13’s South Division 39.00am
Mandurah CityvMUM FCUnder 13’s South Division 29.00am
Fremantle CityvPort KennedyUnder 13’s South Division 49.00am
Rockingham CityvMUM FCUnder 14’s South Division 19.35am
Canning CityvMandurah CityUnder 14’s South Division 39.35am
Forrestfield UnitedvRockingham CityUnder 13’s South Division 29.45am
Rockingham CityvPerth Hills UnitedUnder 15’s South Division 210.00am
Port KennedyvCanning CityUnder 13’s South Division 210.00am
Port KennedyvPerth Hills UnitedUnder 14’s South Division 310.00am
BaldivisvBelmontUnder 15’s South Division 210.00am
Port KennedyvFremantle CityUnder 14’s Division 110.30am
Whitford CityvBaldivisUnder 16’s Division 311.00am
Rockingham CityvWoodvaleUnder 18’s Division 311.00am
BaldivisvMUM FCUnder 18’s Division 411.00am
Stirling LionsvRockingham CityUnder 16’s Division 311.15am

Men’s Amateur Cup

Perth AFCvPort KennedyReserves Cup12.15pm
North BeachvBaldivisReserves Cup12.15pm
Kelmscott RoosvPeel UnitedReserves Cup1.00pm
MaccabivMandurah CityReserves Cup12.15pm
Perth AFCvPort KennedyAmateur Cup2.30pm
Kelmscott RoosvPeel UnitedAmateur Cup3.00pm

Men’s Masters Leagues

Perth SaintsvBaldivisGrading South1.00pm
Manning UnitedvMandurah CityGrading South1.00pm
Port KennedyvForrestfield UnitedGrading South1.00pm
AFC RockinghamvSporting WarriorsGrading South3.00pm

Men’s Masters Cup

FC ShoalwatervAFC Rockingham1.00pm
Gosnells CityvFC Shoalwater1.00pm
AFC RockinghamvSorrento3.00pm

As ever, we wish all our teams the very best of luck and we are looking for people to come onto next week’s podcast, so any good results or performances from your team and we want to know!

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